GRACES hosts Vision Trips in Guatemala as a way to support Escuela Integrada.

A Vision Trip mixes mission, culture, enjoyment, adventure and exploration into a unique and purposeful trip. The objective of Vision Trips is to learn more about, partner with and create sustainability for Escuela Integrada in Antigua, Guatemala.

Who are Vision Trips for?

Churches, Families, Businesses, Mastermind Groups, Schools, Friends

GRACES offer Vision Trips for a variety of different groups. The purpose of Vision Trips is:

  • to Learn More About Escuela Integrada and Guatemala
  • For Long- Term Investment 
  • To Support Escuela Integrada
  • To Create Sustainability 

There are so many types of ways that you can serve through Vision Trips. We also have cultural activities and there are options to do short-trips, study Spanish and have adventures. Email for more information.

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