GRACES hosts Vision Trips in Guatemala as well as Virtual Vision Trips. A Vision Trip mixes mission, culture, enjoyment, adventure and exploration into a unique and purposeful trip. The objective of Vision Trips is to learn more about, partner with and create sustainability for GRACES programs in Guatemala.

In-Person Vision Trips

This 2021 year, GRACES is offering in-person Vision Trips for groups of 5 or less. Trips are typically 4-6 days. Participants should be aware that they need to provide a negative COVID Test upon entry to Guatemala and to the US. Contact us to learn more about what to expect on a Vision Trip this year.

Prices of Vision Trips are $1,200 per person.

Virtual Vision Trips

GRACES will also be offering Virtual Vision Trips starting this year. This is about a two-hour event. Participants will be able to visit a virtual classroom and home visit as well as participate in a culture activity of their choosing- cooking, Spanish or dance class. We will also be offering special “Add Ons” such as a stove installation for a family, market shopping and a special experience for a student.

Prices of Virtual Vision Trips are:
$99 per individual
$400 for a group of 5-10
$600 for a group of 11-20
$800 for a group of 21-30
(cooking supplies not included)

Culture of GRACES Vision Trips

We desire for the children, families and staff of GRACES projects to be encouraged and uplifted
by every Vision Trip participant that comes to Guatemala. We hope that with the support of participants, we can continue to empower, listen and learn from the Guatemalan people. We recognize that ultimately it is them who are the agents of change in Guatemala.

We believe that it is important for the church and individuals to have a global perspective, and through Vision Trips we can offer the chance for them to learn about and see God’s beautiful and global Kingdom.

As an organization, we want to create conscious supporters- meaning that we believe it is vital for our supporters to see what we do, learn about the needs and see with eyes of hope the potential for each and every child that we work with. Our expectation is for these supporters to come alongside the work that is being done in prayer, relationship and partnership. Through Vision Trips, we can help accomplish this.

If you are interested in a Vision Trip either in-person or virtual, contact us at