Guatemalan Relief Assistance for Children’s Education Services (GRACES) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization providing education and other support services to more than 200 students living in poverty in Guatemala.

Escuela Integrada

GRACES primary project is a school in Guatemala. Escuela Integrada de Niños Trabajadores which means “Integrated School for the Working Children,” was started in 2003 to provide accessible education for children subjected to labor because of dire circumstances. The school serves more than 180 students in the surrounding villages of Antigua, Guatemala.

Proyecto Capaz

GRACES secondary project is an after-school and community outreach program. Proyecto Capaz which means “Project Capable” was started in 2015 to provide a safe space and tutoring for young girls after school. Proyecto Capaz serves on average 30 children in the community while also doing community outreach and working with parents and other community members.

Our Mission

To provide holistic educational opportunities through physical, emotional and spiritual support for children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala.

Our Vision

To improve the lives of our students by overcoming generational poverty, child labor and violence and empowering them to live a life of hope, purpose and opportunity, sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

GRACES Board of Directors

Our Board is passionate about the work Escuela Integrada does with the children in Antigua.

Local Team

The teachers, administrators, psychologists, and staff who make up Escuela Integrada.

Hernan Garcia, Program Director

Hernan Garcia
Program Director

Bradler Santos, Principal

Bradler Santos

Sandra Hernandez, Vision Trips Coordinator

Sandra Hernandez
Vision Trips Coordinator

Lillian Flores, Head Phycologist

Lillian Flores
Head Psychologist

Lidia Bay, Kindergarten Teacher

Lidia Bay
Kindergarten Teacher

Sonia Flores<br />
1st Grade Teacher

Sonia Flores
1st Grade Teacher

Francisco Tiu, 2nd Grade Teacher

Francisco Tiu
2nd Grade Teacher

Gendy Apen, 3rd Grade Teacher

Gendy Apen
3rd Grade Teacher

Rafael Xinico, 4th Grade Teacher_

Rafael Xinico
4th Grade Teacher

Maritza Oseida, 5th Grade Teacher

Maritza Oseida
5th Grade Teacher

Belsy Garcia, 6th Grade Teacher

Belsy Garcia
6th Grade Teacher

Alejandra Quintanilla, Elementary English and Computer Teacher

Alejandra Quintanilla
Elementary English and Computer Teacher

Belsy Hernandez, English and Junior High Teacher

Belsy Hernandez
English and Junior High Teacher

Evelin Salazar, Junior High Teacher

Evelin Salazar
Junior High Teacher

Fabiola Xar, Junior High Teacher

Fabiola Xar
Junior High Teacher

Saira Castañeda, Junior High Teacher

Saira Castañeda
Junior High Teacher

Sandra Flores, Mayan Language and Junior High Teacher

Sandra Flores
Mayan Language and Junior High Teacher


Juan Lobos

Cesar Ordoñez, Accountant

Cesar Ordoñez

Lilian Chonay, Secretary

Lilian Chonay


Maria Reyes
Head Cook

Aura Castellanos, Cook

Aura Castellanos

Mario Socorec, Security

Mario Socorec

Candelaria Socorec, Custodian

Candelaria Socorec