How you can get involved GRACES provides many opportunities to get involved in supporting Escuela Integrada

Vision Trips

A Vision Trip is a hands-on experience designed for those who want to learn about GRACES’ programs and about the rich culture in Guatemala. Vision Trip participants will visit the school, meet the children and go on home visits where the families live. They will also explore the cultural activities and local cuisine of Guatemala.

Vision Trips may include coffee tours, Spanish language instruction, arts and crafts, cooking classes, or other activities selected by the group. Vision Trips can also incorporate service projects.

Through Vision Trips, we desire for participants to gain a global perspective and learn how they can partner with GRACES to support the children and families of Guatemala.

Sponsorship Program


Sign up to be handpicked to sponsor a child at Escuela Integrada. A sponsorship for a child costs $90 per month.

Sponsorship is another way to get involved and personally support a child in Guatemala. Our Sponsorship Program is an extremely important part of our organization. Not only does it allow us to financially provide education and support, but it also fosters hope in our children and their families.

They know they have a cheerleader who is rooting, encouraging and praying specifically for them. Sponsors are able to communicate with their sponsored children. Supporters at all giving levels receive the GRACES newsletter, regular updates from the school, and an invitation to attend the Annual Supporters Gathering and Graduation in Guatemala.

Benefactors, lovingly referred to by the children as “Padrinos” or “Godparents,” can join the Sponsorship Program for $90. The children write letters and video chat with their sponsors throughout the year.

Classroom Sponsorships are also a great way to support our programs. Classroom Sponsorships financially support our programs, and connect sponsors with our teachers and staff members. Classroom Sponsors are able to give at three different levels: Premium Sponsors at $1000 per month, Gold Sponsors at $500 per month, and Silver Sponsors at $250 per month.

Become a Prayer Partner

Every month the Escuela Integrada staff will provide a list of specific prayer requests. They would like for this to be a global effort and invite you to come alongside them in prayer.

If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner and receiving updates on prayer request that are being prayed over, please sign up here:

Become an Ambassador

Individuals who are interested in helping grow our organization can become a Vision Trip or Fundraising Ambassador.

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GRACES funds both Escuela Integrada and Ahava with donations alone. It is a part of GRACES’ vision to develop sustainability projects, and we are actively working in this area. However, for the time being, our organization runs entirely on donations. Any donation is extremely helpful and necessary.

Current Campaigns

Throughout the year, we have different campaigns active to support various initiatives in Guatemala. These can include food and nutrition support, technology access, classroom supplies, and much more. Visit our Campaigns page to learn how you can support these specific initiatives.


How GRACES receives funding (based on 2021):


How GRACES uses funding (based on 2021):

84.9% of funds received through GRACES go directly to Guatemala to support education. 15.1% of funds are used for GRACES administrative expenses to ensure that we are able to continue the work in Guatemala. These costs include operational costs and fundraising.