Northview volunteers teach health workshops at Escuela Integrada

Fourteen volunteers from Northview Bible Church in Spokane, Washington, are helping the children of Escuela Integrada learn about health and fitness this week. The children rotate through small group stations with their grade-level classroom for an hour of instruction and fun with the volunteers.

A student at Escuela Integrada practices a stretch she learned during a workshop with volunteers from Northview Bible Church.

“I think it’s important to remember to move,” said Krystal Roach, 25, who teaches dance in Washington. “If we teach health and movement at a young age, we can help them establish lifelong habits.”

Roach planned Tuesday’s three stations. At one station, kids learned about their skeletal system and made a skeleton using black construction paper, white chalk and cotton swabs to represent bones. Another station had kids labeling and coloring muscles.

The final station taught a series of quick exercises and stretches, including lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks and running. The kids especially enjoyed running races on Tuesday, where they raced each other and the volunteers.

Two kids race at Escuela Integrada during a muscle workshop taught by volunteers from Northview Bible Church.


“We need to exercise and stretch,” said Roach. “It’s fun to see them enjoy running.”

For the health workshops, a Northview volunteer takes the lead to plan the day’s stations and receives help from another volunteer, and, if needed, an interpreter. At week’s end, the children will have learned about muscles, bones, mental health, lice, physical fitness, nutrition and more.

“I hope this helps them stay healthy and improve their lives,” said Roach.

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