GRACES hosts Vision Trips in Guatemala A Vision Trip is a combination of mission, culture, enjoyment, adventure and exploration into a unique and purposeful trip. The objective of a Vision Trip is to learn about, partner with, and facilitate sustainability for GRACES’ programs in Guatemala.

In-Person Vision Trips

GRACES offers Vision Trips in Guatemala. During a Vision Trip, participants meet students and families, engage in service projects, learn about Guatemalan culture, and much more. Vision Trips are typically six days.

A Vision Trip can be made up of any group (school, church, professional organization, friends or families).

The trip can be however relaxed or adventurous that you want it to be—we will work with you to plan an itinerary that serves your group’s needs.

Guatemala is a place of rare beauty, major historical significance, and vibrant culture. All Vision Trips begin and end in Antigua, Guatemala, a must-visit destination for many reasons. The former capital of Guatemala, the city has many colonial ruins, amazing restaurants and world-renowned Spanish schools. The scenery is like none other, with the city nestled amongst three breathtaking volcanoes.

The cost of a Vision Trip starts at $1,200 per person and includes all in-country expenses—food, lodging, in-country transportation and activities. The cost does not include airfare.

Culture of GRACES Vision Trips

We desire for the children, families and staff of GRACES’ projects to be encouraged and uplifted by every Vision Trip participant who comes to Guatemala. We hope that, with the support of participants, we can continue to empower, listen and learn from the Guatemalan people. We recognize that ultimately it is they who are the agents of change in Guatemala.

We believe that it is important for the church and individuals to have a global perspective. Through Vision Trips, we offer participants the opportunity to learn about and see God’s global Kingdom.

As an organization, we want to create conscientious supporters. We believe it is vital for our supporters to see what we do, learn about the needs of our nonprofit, and see with eyes of hope the potential for each and every child we work with. Our expectation during Vision Trips is for supporters to come alongside the work we do in prayer, relationship and partnership.

By participating in a Vision Trip, participants stimulate the local economy. Every restaurant, hotel, activity and transportation company used during the Vision Trip is Guatemalan owned and operated.

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