52,000 meals = 1 goal for Escuela Integrada this holiday season

This past Tuesday, we launched our year-end campaign with a very specific goal—to provide 52,000 meals for the children at Escuela Integrada in 2022. It’s an ambitious goal, but one we are hopeful to be able to meet with your support.

Each meal for a child at Escuela Integrada costs $1.25—that’s less than half of the average price of a cup of coffee in the U.S., and we’re not talking about lattes! Your $1.25 will provide a complete nutritious meal for a student who is living in extreme poverty.

We invite you to consider giving the cost of your normal weekly coffee budget or the equivalent of one meal at a restaurant for your family during the holiday season.

  • $25 will provide meals for an entire class
  • $50 will provide two meals per day for a child for a month
  • $125 will provide one meal per day for a child for 100 days
  • $225 will feed the entire school for a day

Guatemala has the fourth-highest level of chronic malnutrition in the world, and the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean. Approximately 50 percent of Guatemalan children younger than five years of age are stunted due to chronic food insecurity.

It remains one of our top priorities that the children at Escuela Integrada have the best chances to succeed in their studies—which begins with a full belly. As we’ve seen over many years of documented evidence, providing food for the children at Escuela Integrada has a significant impact on their ability to focus, study and learn.

With your support, we can guarantee that no child at Escuela Integrada goes hungry in 2022. All donations are tax-deductible and will be matched up to $32,500, thanks to the generosity of several major donors.

Will you join us in this important effort?