Increasing opportunities to learn English in Guatemala

English opportunities expand for students through GRACES and partnerships

GRACES continues to seek opportunities to support the expansion of English language learning programs in Guatemala. This year, Escuela Integrada began a Saturday English program for two groups of 15 students each. The students practice English through dialogue, songs, games, flash cards, stories and prayers.

The leadership of Escuela Integrada hopes to expand the program next year to continue equipping students with skills needed to secure work in Guatemala.

“Families and communities can be transformed through what a comprehensive English program can provide,” said Hannah Nadeau Girón, executive director of GRACES.

GRACES also provides scholarships for 15 students in 8th and 9th grade to attend an after school English program at Academy of Future Leaders. Next year, all students in 7th, 8th and 9th grade will be able to attend the after school program.

Local board hosts career fair for 40 students

On August 25, 18 business professionals shared their careers with the 8th and 9th grade students at Escuela Integrada. The Career Fair, organized and hosted by the local Board of Directors for Escuela Integrada, brought together industry experience from baristas and fashion designers to entrepreneurs and business owners.

“The career fair holds many benefits for the students,” said Bradler Santos, principal of Escuela Integrada. “These professionals have had success and there are some common teachings that are fundamental. They all talked about how it was necessary to have passion for what you do.

The two-hour event included motivating speeches from various professionals followed by an expo-style career fair with opportunities for students to visit different tables and talk with the professionals.

“The professionals also talked about sacrifice,” Santos said. “Most of them struggled at first economically and worked very hard. The most profound message from them was that everything is in the hands of God.”

It’s not too late! Register to attend the Supporters Gathering in Guatemala Nov. 6-10

Join us in Guatemala November 6-10 for the annual Supporters Gathering! The Supporters Gathering is open to anyone interested in attending, including past, current and future supporters of the organization.

Participants will attend graduation ceremonies for kindergarten, 6th grade and 9th grade, along with home visits, cultural activities and much more!