A tablet makes a BIG difference for a child at Escuela Integrada—we’re ⅓ of the way to our goal!

We are one-third of the way to our July campaign goal to support at-home learning! We’ve raised $8,580 (at press time) and have $16,357 to go.

By providing a tablet for each student, we’re ensuring that each kid who attends school at Escuela Integrada is able to fully participate every day during at-home learning. The tablet allows the students to participate in live instruction with their classmates and teacher.

With a donation of $105, we can buy a tablet for a child in 5th through 9th grade to use for their schoolwork. All students in kindergarten through 4th grade already received a tablet through a foundation grant.

If you are interested in contributing a smaller amount, we are also actively raising money to pay for cell phone data, which allows a student’s tablet to work. For a donation of $26 we are able to provide cell phone data for one month for a student at Escuela Integrada.

Thank you for your participation in our efforts here at Escuela Integrada to provide education to children and families who might not otherwise receive education, especially during this time of the pandemic. Your support makes it possible for kids to continue learning!