Virtual Vision Trips Provide Way to Connect with Students and Families Amidst Pandemic

Miguel’s house is made up of pieces of corrugated metal, plywood and scrap metal. The home, held up by large sticks of wood, has dirt floors. Miguel sits at the kitchen table with his economical smartphone and connects to his virtual classes every day. His single mother makes tortillas in their doorway and sells them for a living, never leaving the house for fear of leaving Miguel alone in their dangerous neighborhood.

Amidst the difficulty of the pandemic, Miguel continues to learn through our at-home learning program. Your support makes this possible.

In addition to class participation, Miguel is able to video chat or message our school psychologist when he needs to talk with her. He also participates in biweekly Bible classes with our local church partners. Not only is Miguel receiving an education, but he is being fed emotionally and spiritually.

In all sincerity, this wouldn’t be possible right now if it wasn’t for your donations, and I tell you this as someone who goes into their homes every week and sees the struggles of their lives—that is the reality. Access to education during the time of the pandemic is a privilege, with many other schools in Guatemala shuttered or providing a very limited educational experience.

One way we raise support to continue the education for children at Escuela Integrada is through Vision Trips. This year, in addition to limited in-person Vision Trips, we are hosting Virtual Vision Trips.

During a Virtual Vision Trip, supporters will participate in a virtual Escuela Integrada classroom, where you will be able to meet the teacher and the students. Your experience will also include a visit to a family’s home, which provides a window into the challenges many of the families— like Miguel’s family—are experiencing. Your “visit” brings much joy and hope to our families!

Virtual Vision Trips also include a cultural activity, such as a cooking or Spanish class. You can also add on a stove installation for a family, market shopping or a special experience for a student.

I am excited about these virtual experiences because, not only does it allow our supporters to learn about our mission and learn more about Guatemala, but we are able to fund Escuela Integrada and all its efforts through these trips.

Please consider participating in a Virtual Vision Trip as a way of connecting with us this year. Your participation helps us continue providing education and support for the children of Guatemala.

With gratitude,

Hannah Nadeau Girón
Executive Director of GRACES