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GRACES needs your help to fund meals for kids

The amounts we often take for granted make a significant impact in Guatemala

Did you know that the average person spends $166 per month on dining out and $12 per Starbucks visit? A routine trip to McDonald’s weighs in at $7.77 per person per trip, and DoorDash food delivery costs the average American $37.28 per month.

Let’s say in one month, you ate out, went to Starbucks four times, visited McDonald’s three times and ordered food delivery once. Your food spending (before groceries) would be $166 + $48 + $23.31 + $37.28, for a grand total of $274.59. Now, add in the amount for groceries from the USDA’s moderate cost plan at $374.50 (for a single person between 19-50 years old) and you’ve spent $649.09.

$649.09. For ONE person, for ONE month.

This same amount provides 519 meals for the students at Escuela Integrada at the cost of $1.25 per meal. That’s 519 children who were able to eat one meal on a single day, or one child who was able to eat a meal for 519 days in a row, the equivalent of almost a year and a half.

The amounts we often take for granted make a significant impact in Guatemala.

During GRACES’ year-end campaign, 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to providing meals for children who live in extreme poverty and who suffer from the lack of proper nutrition.

Will you consider donating one of the following amounts?

  • $166 in awareness of how much it costs to dine out
  • $48 in awareness of swinging through the Starbucks drive-through four times
  • $37.48 in awareness of ordering food delivery this month
  • $23.31 in awareness of grabbing a quick bite at McDonald’s on three occasions

At press time, our year-end campaign was only 23% funded. We cannot continue this mission without your support.

Will you help us break the cycle of malnutrition in Guatemala?