Pennsylvania takes the lead to feed the future!

From now through Dec. 31, we’ll be tallying donations in our year-end campaign to see A) which state has the most individual donors, and B) which state donates the largest total amount to help us feed the future in Guatemala!

At press time, Pennsylvania was in the lead for the total amount given and there was a six-way tie for individual donors. Don’t see your state on the map yet? Make your year-end, tax deductible donation now!

Every donation throughout GRACES’ year-end campaign goes directly to fund GRACES’ Meal Support program so we can continue to feed the future in Guatemala.

As an organization, we see the critical need for nutrition support in Guatemala. Forty-seven percent of children in Guatemala suffer from chronic malnutrition and millions of others do not receive balanced daily meals.

GRACES Meal Support Program provides breakfast and lunch for students enrolled in our programs, and food bags for families annually and during vacation times.

When children receive breakfast and lunch at school five days per week not only does it have a dramatic impact on their studies, but it also relieves some of the pressure the families feel when trying to make ends meet on such a limited income.

Will you put your state on the map to support GRACES’ Meal Support program?

You can give electronically on our website using a credit card or cryptocurrency, or send a check made out to “GRACES” to PO Box 532, Salisbury, NC 28145.

DEADLINE: Order GRACES coffee by Dec. 10!

GRACES coffee makes an excellent stocking stuffer, plus it’s a gift that keeps on giving! Order coffee by December 10 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Coffee orders are available in quantities of 15 or more bags, with a discount for 30 bags or more.

  • 15 bags: $20/bag
  • 30+ bags: $17/bag

The price includes shipping and coffee will arrive directly to your door.

By purchasing this coffee, you are providing an education for children who experience extreme poverty and sustainability for local coffee farmers in Guatemala.

GRACES coffee is from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, from a small family-run coffee farm in the village of Com. Years ago, many of the men in the village immigrated to the United States in hopes of finding work opportunities after the devastating effects of the civil war in Guatemala. Since then, the farm has been managed and run by Mayan indigenous women.

Petrona, the daughter of the land owner, has been in charge of the coffee farm since she was 14 years old. She has worked tirelessly to produce quality coffee and provide for her family.

To place an order, visit GRACES Coffee Project on the REACH website and make a donation in the amount of coffee bags you would like to purchase (ex: donation of $300 = 15 bags of coffee, donation of $510 = 30 bags of coffee, etc.). Please indicate on the donation form under the “Note” if you would like ground or whole bean coffee. You may order a mix of ground and whole bean by indicating how many bags of each you would like. If this is not indicated, we will ship whole bean coffee.