Small Gifts Big Blessings

We’ve all got that one person on our list this season who’s just impossible to shop for so why not give them a blessing?

During the Supporter’s Gathering and planning meeting in Guatemala this year a couple visiting the school for the first time joined us.  During the planning meeting seasoned supporters and staff were struggling with how to promote and fundraise for the work we are all passionate about at Escuela Integrada.  We all noted the value of the investment in the children, their education and hopes we have as we see them overcoming issues related to illiteracy, malnutrition and lack of opportunities. We struggled to put that passion into words that others would understand, while asking for donations for this work so that others did not feel “put off” by our conversation regarding the need.

As we struggled, a couple joining us noted how blessed they felt by being at the school. They were blessed to meet the children, families and staff who each put 100 % of their hearts into loving and teaching the children who attend Escuela Integrada.

The couple then stated that they wanted to share this blessing with others. They felt that others deserved a blessing and deserved the opportunity to make the choice of receiving the blessing that comes with helping improve the lives of children in need.

The wisdom of this couple stopped our conversation and we had a moment of prayer. We all realized what a blessing we have each received by helping the school and fostering relationships with the children and their families. What a special gift it is to grow ourselves by serving and being part of Escuela Integrada’s story, a gift that is too good not to share.

I am sure that many of you have your own experience with the blessing that this school provides both the children and us.  Many of us have been transformed in our relationships with God, our families and how we live our lives after engaging with Escuela Integrada.

So why not share that amazing blessing and opportunity with your friends and family? Perhaps instead of buying another gift card for a loved one, how about gifting them an opportunity to make sure a child has hot meals for a month or the needed school supplies and textbooks for the year.  We have developed a Giving Guide with some of the most essential needs for the children and families of Escuela Integrada for 2019. You may send a gift in someone’s honor or you can pass along this email to all your friends and family and allow them the opportunity to be blessed by helping a child living in poverty.

These ideas and other await you in our 2018 GRACES Giving Guide.   Please prayerfully consider blessing a needy family and sharing that blessing with all your loved ones as well.

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