Thank you for thinking of the children of Escuela Integrada!

Like you, we know that this mission blesses children living in poverty while also blessing us. Your gift extends the blessing. 

Health Week_

Sponsor a classroom for a month

For $1000, you can provide a teacher and the entire class with more interactive and vibrant learning opportunities, inside and outside the classroom. Share the Cost: $200


Give hot meals to children

For $800, you can provide a month worth of hot meals for a classroom (20 children) at Escuela Integrada. Share the cost: $40 per student.


Give students school supplies for a year

For $185 you can provide 4 students with school supplies for a year.


Change a life through Education

For $90, you can provide a month of schooling for a child.


Give a set of textbooks to a child

For $50, you can provide a child with an essential tool for learning. 


Give children a safe place to go after school

For $45, you can provide a month of attendance to after-school tutoring for a child.


Buy medicine for a child in need

For $100, you can contribute to a child’s medical care and help provide the gift of healing.


Feed an Impoverished Family

For $60, you can provide a food bag with all the essentials to feed a family of 4 for a week.


Friend a kid

For $17, you can provide a month of emotional and spiritual support for child.

Support the Teachers and Staff of the School


Support a teacher’s family for month

For $360, you can provide a teacher with a month’s wages and benefits to help their families not only to survive but to thrive.


Buy a teacher a computer

For $250, you can provide a teacher with an essential tool to equip him or her to build technology savvy students. Share the cost for $125.00.

Assist in making the school a better, safer for learning


Purchase classroom furniture

For $80, you can provide a child with a new desk to make their learning environment more comfortable.


Buy Sports Gear for the PE Class

For $35, you can provide the PE Class with new basketballs, bats and baseballs, tennis racquets or volleyball set and enhanced their exposure to a higher variety of sports.


Security Cameras & Gate

For $2,300, you can provide safety & security to all children and staff at the school. Share the Cost: $230