Annual Report 2023

A note from the executive director

Dear Friends,

You might or might not be surprised to know that 54% of the population in Guatemala lives in poverty (less than $2.15 a day).

I live in Guatemala—which has been amazing and beautiful in so many ways—but I feel the weight of the need here. I feel it with the families we work with, and I feel it when I walk outside my front door. It can be overwhelming at times, and it can seem like our vision as an organization of breaking the cycle of generational poverty, is far-fetched. But then I go a little further outside my front door.

I walk into a coffee shop and see the familiar face of Mabelyn, a graduate of Escuela Integrada, who works behind the coffee bar. Then, I pass Gabriela, another graduate, on the cobblestone streets of Antigua, and she tells me about her job in corporate sales for a prominent resort company. Next, I am eating at a restaurant with my friend and, to my surprise, I see Jonathan, another graduate, who takes my order. Walking home, I catch a glimpse of a graduate through an office window; Alex stands at an architect's desk, drawing up blueprints.

The numbers in our annual report represent the collaborative effort it takes to combat poverty. From those who work closely with the students each day, to those of you who send financial support, we all work together, and God makes the work grow.

When Mabelyn, Gabriela, Jonathan and Alex were students, I felt the weight of their need. Their families were struggling to provide food and shelter for them. Ten years later, I am able to see that the vision of GRACES has become a reality in their lives. They are breaking the cycle of poverty one step at a time.

Thank you for being a part of this vision. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.


Hannah Nadeau Girón
Executive Director of GRACES

Field Work

GRACES served more than 160 students through Escuela Integrada

18 out of 18

students graduated from junior high in 2023

112 food bags

provided for families during Vision Trips

720 hours

of after school tutoring at Ahava

190 English classes

held at Academia de Lideres Futuros

5 workshops conducted for the staff and teachers
23 wellness checks to families’ homes to see students in their living environments
111 Bible classes provided to the students in 2023
26 staff scholarships awarded toward professional and personal development
238 workshops provided to students by SERnina
418 individual counseling sessions provided for students
192 group counseling sessions led by the Escuela Integrada psychologist
Vision Trips
10 Vision Trips during 2023
112 people visited the school
During Vision Trips we were able to provide:
  • 102 home visits
  • 11 stoves
  • 1 construction project
  • 6 family nights
  • 130 water filters
  • 180 pairs of shoes


Project Support



GRACES administrative costs


of Escuela Integrada costs covered by GRACES

127 New Donors

in 2023

$35,129.64 raised from GRACES annual campaigns
$167,776.40 given in support for student sponsorships
$36,990.52 raised through supporter-led campaigns
$17,000.00 raised from grants
$40,000.00 given in support for classroom sponsorships
$45,586.94 raised through Vision Trips
$107,118.00 given by from major donors and other donations
163 full student sponsorships and 9 partial sponsorships
5 Classroom sponsors
29 new sponsors signed up in 2023
22 sponsor and child video calls
12 sponsor update meetings
19 scholarships provided for high school students through sponsorships