2022 Annual Report

A note from the Executive Director

In Guatemala there is a common phrase, “primero Dios,” which translated means, “God willing.” People in Guatemala say these two words after any type of making plans. For example, in response to a simple “see you tomorrow,” you will often hear, “primero Dios.”

At first, I thought it was just part of the dialect, a cultural custom. But, the longer I live in Guatemala, the more I realize that when people here say, “God willing,” they truly mean it. They put everything into the hands of God. They depend on Him before and through all else.

As a nonprofit organization we have learned how to embrace, “primero Dios.” We rely on God to continue inspiring others to give, so that we can do the work we do in Guatemala. Our programs—delivering food bags, teaching school for underserved children, providing counseling sessions and psychological support, engaging in continuing education, visiting homes, providing medical care—all happen because of your financial support and faithful giving.

We all depend on God together and we all take action together—that is how God works to accomplish His mission through our organization! YOU play a very important role in this mission.

Thank you for joining us in the work of providing a holistic education in Guatemala for the children who need it most. With God, primero Dios, we will continue into the new year.


Hannah Nadeau Girón
Executive Director of GRACES

Field Work

GRACES served more than 166 students through Escuela Integrada and Ahava

14 out of 15

students graduated from junior high in 2022

1,668 food bags

distributed while the students learned from home

192 hours

of distance learning provided due to the COVID-19 pandemic

624 hours

of in-person learning

6 workshops conducted for the staff
100 workshops provided for students by SERnina
48 Bible classes provided for the students in 2022
900 hours held of after school tutoring at Ahava
15 home visits to see students and families
205 individual counseling sessions provided
176 group counseling sessions provided
Vision Trips
2 Vision Trips held in Guatemala
48 school visits by supporters in Guatemala
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Project Support



GRACES administration costs


of Escuela Integrada costs covered by GRACES


of Ahava costs covered by GRACES

77 new donors

in 2022

$86,686.31 raised from GRACES campaigns

Racing for GRACES

raised $8,729

Mid-Year Schoolhouse Campaign

raised $7,600

Year-End Campaign

raised $70,357.31

$35,084.55 raised through supporter-led campaigns
$27,497 raised from grants
$21,497.58 raised from Vision Trips
$161,172 in support for student sponsorships
$63,000 in support for classroom sponsorships
132 full student sponsorships and 18 partial sponsorships
8 Classroom sponsors
12 new sponsors signed up in 2022
12 sponsors and child video chats
23 scholarships provided for high school students through sponsorships