2021 Annual Report

A note from the Executive Director

The first time I ever stepped foot in Guatemala was in 2006. I was a high school student and ready for an adventure in my first ever cross-cultural experience. Along with my fellow youth group members, we hopped into an old Mitsubishi microbus and rode through the traffic of Guatemala City. Our first stop in Guatemala was a school for impoverished children in Antigua, Guatemala called “Escuela Integrada.”

Since then, Escuela Integrada has gone through multiple transitions, including new funding agencies, different board structures, a change in local leadership and staff, different physical locations, and much more. The school has faced extremely difficult times—having to dismiss staff members, facing the death of students, experiencing financial turmoil, and even approaching the point of almost having to shut its doors.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve seen and experienced all of this, and been involved in some of the most critical decisions for the school. What I have also seen, however, is God’s extreme faithfulness.

During the difficult times, I would have never imagined that every single child at Escuela Integrada would receive a tablet to use for their studies from home, or that we would be able to distribute 3,411 food bags to the families amidst a global pandemic. We never thought it was possible to conduct 493 counseling sessions virtually. Even during our second year of at-home learning due to COVID-19, God had a plan for Escuela Integrada, and has held this beautiful school so closely in His hands.

GRACES has been fortunate to be part of this success.

In 2022, there will also be transition! Escuela Integrada moved to a new, bigger and better physical location in Jocotenango, where many of our families live. GRACES also partnered with another local nonprofit, Ahava Ministries, to facilitate our after school program (formerly Proyecto Capaz). This partnership allows us to provide assistance in education and spiritual growth for an additional 100 students in Guatemala, without increasing our costs.

Additionally, our GRACES staff grew with the hiring of a Sponsorship Coordinator, bringing our team to a total of four part-time or full-time employees.

We are thankful for God’s faithfulness, and we are thankful for your faithfulness in supporting us in 2021. Truly, it takes a team of people—the local staff, the local board, the GRACES staff, the GRACES Board of Directors, and you, our committed supporters—to make everything we do possible.

Thank you for being on this journey with us and for helping us achieve our mission to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to the children of Guatemala.


Hannah Nadeau Girón
Executive Director of GRACES

Field Work

GRACES served more than 200 students through Escuela Integrada and Proyecto Capaz

10 out of 15

students graduated from junior high in 2021

3,411 food bags

distributed while the students learned from home

576 hours

of distance learning provided due to the COVID-19 pandemic

24 teacher scholarships

given through the GRACES Gratitude Program

6 workshops held for students and families on the use of tablets for e-learning
13 workshops conducted for the staff
666 miles driven to deliver food bags
14 home visits conducted to visit students and families
1,923 data packages provided so that students could access school materials from home
177 tablets provided on loan to the students for at-home learning
256 virtual workshops provided to students by SERnina
11 board meetings local Escuela Integrada board meetings and activities held in Guatemala
493 counseling sessions group and individual counseling sessions provided virtually

Arely, a 9th grade student at Escuela Integrada, passed away in July due to complications from COVID-19

Escuela Integrada moved to a new school building

in November

Merged Proyecto Capaz with Ahava Ministries

another locally-run nonprofit, to manage the after school program

Vision Trips
Zero In-Person Trips held due to the COVID-19 pandemic
10 Virtual Vision Trips held


Project Support



GRACES administration costs

$116,838.90 raised from GRACES campaigns
$26,593 raised through supporter-led campaigns
$20,338 raised from grants
Racing for GRACES raised $17,864
Mid-Year Campaign for tablets and at-home learning raised $26,079.40
Year-End Campaign for meals in 2022 raised $67,470.50
Additional small campaigns raised $5,425
Sponsorship Coordinator Lucas Hertzberg was hired in May
148 full student sponsorships and 21 partial sponsorships
8 Classroom sponsors
15 new sponsors signed up in 2021