A note from Executive Director Hannah Nadeau:

Guatemalan Relief Assistance for Children’s Educational Services (GRACES) is a U.S.-based nonprofit that provides funding for educational projects in Guatemala. The primary focus of GRACES is to provide funding for Escuela Integrada and Proyecto Capaz.

In September, I assumed the role of executive director of GRACES, succeeding Paula Bohland, who graciously guided the organization for 6 years, bringing GRACES to the place that it is today.

Since its inception nearly 6 years ago, GRACES navigated through a great deal of transition. The organization has been able to fully-fund the mission of Escuela Integrada to provide physical, emotional and spiritual growth to its students and their families, alongside a quality education. We are in awe at the work that has been done over the years, and how God has protected, grown and provided for Escuela Integrada through GRACES.

We look forward to a new year and another opportunity to see lives changed and leaders strengthened. We ask that you come alongside us in partnership and prayer.


Hannah Nadeau
Executive Director

GRACES served more than 180 students through Escuela Integrada & Proyecto Capaz

100% of Jr. High students graduated

The 14 graduates received scholarships to continue their high school education.

61,600 meals served

Students receive breakfast and lunch every school day at Escuela Integrada.

153 volunteers

12 Vision Trips visited and worked with Escuela Integrada throughout the year.

23 Stoves installed

85 Food bags delivered

450+ Counseling sessions

24 Teacher scholarships

GRACES entered its third year of the Graces Gratitude Program, which allows the school to provide supplemental support and ongoing education for teachers.

200 empowerment workshops held

Every week, the students in fifth through ninth grade learn about how to navigate issues they will face in their life.

280 Bible class taught

Kindergarten through sixth grade learn about the Bible every week.

100+ tutoring sessions & after school snacks provided for young girls

Proyecto Capaz (the girls after school program GRACES supports) offers academic support and snacks for students after school.

160 opportunities for prayer

Morning devotionals are held at Escuela Integrada four days per week.

Local Advisory Board formed

Escuela Integrada now has its own local board to support and advice the school.

First Annual Career Fair

Escuela Integrada held its first career fair, inviting more than 20 local professionals to share their experience with the students.