Lifeonaire to match every donation in June up to $16,000

2020 has been quite a crazy year for all of us.

Each November, we sit down and work on a vision for the upcoming school year. This year was no different. We were looking forward to a record number of teams coming to visit Escuela Integrada during the summer of 2020.

In years past, we would be finalizing itineraries right now for upcoming Vision Trips. We would be getting ready to kick off the summer season with new Vision Teams arriving in Guatemala, and we would be prepping for an amazing summer of providing a glimpse of Guatemala to our supporters.

But, this year is different.

No teams will be coming to visit, everything has become virtual, and we are quickly adjusting the many plans that we made 7 months ago in November.

The one thing that has not changed in many years is the amazing support of our partners at Lifeonaire. Steve Cook, Lifeonaire’s founder, has been bringing teams to Guatemala for many years. This will be the first year in which that isn’t possible.

But, a small group from the Lifeonaire community has stepped up in a big way!

Even though they can’t be physically in Guatemala, their hearts could not be more present.

This group from the Lifeonaire community decided to offer a matching campaign for the month of June. They didn’t want a cancelled Vision Trip to prevent them from being a part of Escuela Integrada this year.

Until June 30, all donations up to $16,000 will be matched. That means that any donation that is made will be instantly doubled!

This past month has been an absolute blessing as all of our supporters have helped us push through these crazy times.

June through August is when our vision trips are at their peak. We were not sure how we were going to fill that gap in our budget when all of our trips had to be cancelled, but with steadfast faith, God blessed us again, providing this matching campaign to kick off the summer.

To help us reach our full match, please donate to the Lifeonaire Matching Campaign.

With gratitude,
Mike Neubauer
GRACES Board President