International Women’s Day: A Faith Reflection

In anticipation of International Women’s Day, I was reflecting on women in Guatemala who had an impact on me, and the list is long! Recently, I had an eye-opening conversation with a mother at Escuela Integrada. 

Last week, I went on a home visit with our school psychologist to visit a mother, Flor, who just had an operation. She had to have a mass taken out of her uterus and was in a lot of pain because of the recent operation.  For the past 14 years, Flor suffered from lupus. She lamented about nearly losing her life and the deep anguish she felt in fear of almost having to leave her daughters behind.

She cried telling us about injustices that happened to her because of her financial status. She poured out her heart about the difficulties of having to pay over $200 per month for her medication—which is almost half of their household income. She explained the extreme risk of having to go to the hospital in Guatemala City every month, and being robbed and assaulted trying to get her medication. I sat there with tears filling in my eyes, feeling for this woman and all of her suffering.

Yet, at the end of our conversation she cried out,“But He is so faithful! We don’t always know where it is going to come from, but, every month, I am able to buy my medication. God has never once abandoned me.”

It was a beautiful moment of Christ revealing Himself through this woman. I wrestled with the pain of this conversation for the following week. I thought about similar conversations that I had with women here and how much they have taught me about extreme strength, resilience and faith. I realized how close Flor is to God—and that I want to have that kind of trust in Him.

I hope that our young girls and boys can continue to feel empowered and support and respect one another. I hope that they will stand up for their rights and that they can grow into their potential. And, ultimately, I pray that they will be made whole in Jesus—just like Flor.


And he said unto him, Arise, go your way: your faith has made you whole.
Luke 17:19