Help us ‘Double the Love’ before the end of July

Did you know that the kids at Escuela Integrada are in school in June and July? Their academic year runs from January to October, with graduation following in November. Unfortunately, donations are not as strong during the summer months, and the students of Escuela Integrada need your support.

After learning about what the school is providing for the children, I just had to help,” said Nancy Shirley, who first became involved in 2014 after her daughter and son-in-law returned from a mission trip with Escuela Integrada. “We are making a true difference in the lives of the children and are providing them with the basis to overcome their poverty and have a very productive life.”  

Nancy visited Escuela Integrada in 2017 as a chaperone for the St. John’s Lutheran Church high school mission trip and again this year as a trip leader for the adult mission trip. She and her family sponsor 5-year-old Dalinda, who is in kindergarten this year. Through a women’s group at church, Nancy is also involved in the sponsorship of 9-year-old Norma, who is in 3rd grade this year.

“Visiting the country, the families and the school changes your life,” Nancy said. “The families are happy and so grateful for anything we can give. They don’t expect it, but they do appreciate it.”

Join Nancy and Double the Love! for Escuela Integrada this summer. A donor pledged to match donations in June and July. Our goal is to raise $10,000 before the end of the month. We currently have just under $6,000. Go to to give today.