Valentine’s Day Love

Many children attending La Escuela Integrada live in impoverished homes where showing affection is not common or natural. This is not to say that all parents are unaffectionate, however it is difficult to display something one has never received or experienced. For this reason, Escuela Integrada sets aside a day to celebrate something needed and desired- Love.

This year the celebration took place on Friday, February 12th at the school. The children spent the day learning about giving and receiving love. They did crafts for their families, teachers and classmates, they exchanged small gifts and participated in activities and games within their classrooms. A few classes even organized small outings either to the park or a local restaurant, celebrating each other and their community. Although our staff is dedicated to providing the children avenues for improving their self- worth, self- esteem, and feelings of being loved every day, this day was established and meant to be an extra special day focused on loving the children and each other.