2nd Annual Supporters Gathering in Guatemala

For those of you who participated and those who could not but “prayed over us” the entire time, THANK YOU!  The Second Annual Supporter’s gathering concluded on Saturday November 7th.  The event provided another year of deepening connections, participating in the beautiful graduation ceremonies, deepening our hope for graduating students, and planning for the future of this blessed organization

Following our agenda, we completed our planning process.  Some points of recommendation/discussion for the next year’s goals and GRACES budget are noted as:

  • Engage in planning a Capital Campaign (define the amount of funds needed, phases, obtain plans for school, etc.)
  • Hire an Executive Director
  • Provide a one- time yearly bonus for the teachers in lieu of a “raise”
  • Purchase text books and request that Rosanna (Principal) provide a plan for transitioning the teachers and students to use of an electronic curriculum
  • Begin purchasing (obtaining through donations) computers/electronics
  • Include fruits, cereals and eggs in the breakfast offerings at the school
  • Increase the number of Churches, organizations and persons who support the school
  • Obtain sponsors for EACH child attending the school
  • Set the next Annual Supporter’s meeting for the first week in November 2016

As you can imagine, these goals do include a substantial increase in GRACES’ budget.  We PRAYED very hard over this and will continue to pray (please join us in the prayers).

As noted, along with setting the goals, perhaps most importantly we attended and participated graduations of the students attending the school. Please visit our Facebook page at Escuela Integrada for more photos!