La Escuela Integrada Mission School was established 15 years ago in Antigua, Guatemala with the goal of improving the lives of local children living in poverty.

GRACES implements its vision and purpose through supporting the school in education and nutrition programs, counseling, mentoring, and longterm sustainability programs. All of the children attending the school are indigenous and live with the effects of daily prejudice, abuse, poverty and social inequities.

We focus on the following programs:

Tutoring – In order to compensate for poor living environments, Escuela Integrada programs have a heavy emphasis on providing additional tutoring and homework done while at school.

Nutrition – So that the children attending our schools may overcome problems related to malnutrition and starvation we provide each child two meals and snacks each day.

Counseling Clinic – using a Guatemalan licensed psychologist approximately 80 individual counseling cases are taken on in the course of a single school year. Group work is also done in the classrooms as well as with the parents. Parents are welcome to seek this support individually as well. Approximately 10% of the case load is with parents of children or staff at the school.

Mentoring – through special activities, scholarships, sports program, scholarships and the job creation program, students receive special assistance so that they may achieve a better qualify of life. Food Pantry / Home visits – Approximately 150 families are directly served through Escuela Integrada programs. Approximately 300 food baskets are given out to families of the children in the course of one school year. Spiritual Direction – Provided at La Escuela Integrada through Morning Prayer and reflection times before classes begin and Bible lessons as part of the curriculum.

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