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Food Bag

Remote Control Cars for Christmas!

Last week, I went to the toy store with a young boy that I’ve known for a long time. It was his birthday in November so I told him he could pick out two gifts: one for his birthday and one for Christmas. I won’t lie, it felt amazing to...
Father Daniel and Father Josh visited Escuela Integrada in January 2018

Escuela Integrada partners with Catholic parishes to expand ecumenical mission

This February, Escuela Integrada will welcome its first Catholic mission team from St. Mary’s and St. Rose of Lima, two parishes in northern New Mexico. The relationship between the Catholic parishes and the school began in the fall of 2017, when Father Josh Mayer, pastor of St. Mary’s and St....

Small Gifts Big Blessings

We’ve all got that one person on our list this season who’s just impossible to shop for so why not give them a blessing? During the Supporter’s Gathering and planning meeting in Guatemala this year a couple visiting the school for the first time joined us.  During the planning meeting...
Eli rides his bike 4.6 miles to and from Escuela Integrada. He traverses steep mountainsides and busy streets to get to school each day. The new Escuela Integrada film follows his daily experience.

GRACES launches new film— ‘Day in the Life: Eli’s Story’

 Earlier this summer, GRACES' film crew captured the everyday obstacles faced by students and families who attend Escuela Integrada. The short documentary features Eli (14), a 7th grade student at Escuela Integrada, and first premiered at the Quetzal Gala in September 2018. Two of Eli's siblings, Gladis (16) and...
The Lux Serech home, built one brick at a time by the family patriarch, Joaquin Lux de la Cruz, now stands two stories high in Vista Hermosa.

Brick by brick: Lux Serech family breaks cycle of poverty through commitment to savings, education

Life was very different for the Lux Serech family 27 years ago. Newly married and expecting their first child, Joaquin Lux de la Cruz and Mirian Lux Serech had few resources. Joaquin worked as an assistant to a mason, and Mirian washed clothes by hand. When Joaquin and Mirian were...
Honors Club members tutor elementary students to help them with their academics.

New Honors Club created for students who excel in academics, want to give back

Middle school students at Escuela Integrada now have an opportunity to participate in an Honors Club. To be selected, the students must demonstrate a commitment to academic achievement by passing all of their classes and earning high grades. Additionally, the students in Honors Club will give back to their community...