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Hernan Garcia brought the new microbus to Escuela Integrada on Wednesday, June 13, for the students and teachers to see. Hannah Nadeau, Paula Bohland and the children at school were very excited to see it.

New microbus a sign of hope for Escuela Integrada

Escuela Integrada has a new microbus thanks to significant contributions from supporters around the country and the generosity of Sergio Pérez. Many people know Sergio as the driver who picks up Escuela Integrada volunteers and mission teams from the airport in Guatemala City. He is a long-time friend and supporter...
Donna Wetzel helps load pieces for a new stove into the back of a pick-up truck outside Escuela Integrada.

Going on a mission trip a ‘bucket list’ item for 80-year-old volunteer

Donna Wetzel is 80 years old, and she is in Guatemala volunteering with Escuela Integrada this week. She always wanted to serve on a mission trip, but was not able to until now. This year, she and her youngest daughter, Jody, signed up with a group from Emanuel United Methodist...
Photo by The New York Times

Life after Fuego in a developing nation

From the roof of the house where I am staying, I can see two volcanoes — Agua and Fuego. They are the giants that surround this small city, and they make up many of the postcard images of Antigua, especially the dormant Agua, which rises a few miles from the south end...
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Give a kid your lunch!

The children who attend Escuela Integrada are hungry. They live in impoverished homes where food is often scarce or not even available. It is hard to learn when you are hungry. A child with an undernourished brain is more likely to be lethargic and cannot easily process information. They may...
Boys from the 2017 9th grade class celebrated their graduation at Hotel Real Plaza in Antigua on Nov. 9, 2017.

Class of 2017: First in school’s history to have all students pass, graduate together

Escuela Integrada's 9th grade class received their diplomas on Thursday, Nov. 9, at Hotel Real Plaza in Antigua. The 9th grade students performed a ballroom dance during the graduation ceremony. This is the first year in the history of the school that all of the students...
Painting of a quetzal found in The Artist Halls museum of Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. Artist unknown.

The end of a decade, a return to Guatemala, and the meaning behind my new tattoo

The stove smoke pierced my lungs at first breath outside the airport, the air heavy with pollution and the struggle to survive on what little resources exist. I found my name on a sign, held by Sergio, and he walked me to the small car of his cousin. Sitting in...