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Lifeonaire to match every donation in June up to $16,000

2020 has been quite a crazy year for all of us. Each November, we sit down and work on a vision for the upcoming school year. This year was no different. We were looking forward to a record number of teams coming to visit Escuela Integrada during the summer of...
GRACES' intern Breanna Watson stands in front of a store with a group of children from Escuela Integrada.

GRACES’ intern Breanna Watson reflects on abrupt end to serving with Escuela Integrada

By Breanna Watson “Thank goodness we can all go home and get out of here,” a stranger at the airport snickered as the long line of mask-wearers desiring to return to the United States filed into La Aurora International Airport one by one. It was 10 p.m. on a Saturday...

At Home Learning for Escuela Integrada

For the past month, the teachers, students and parents of families at Escuela Integrada have been adjusting to the reality of at home learning- as school has been cancelled since March 16th. To start off, here are a few challenges that our families and teachers face when it comes to...
Oliver selling masks

Hannah sucks at track

I decided to be creative with my wardrobe the other day. Instead of wearing a typical t-shirt and gym shorts, I busted out the old high school track shirt! I tried to think about why I brought such an old t-shirt to Guatemala. Then I remembered. I moved to Guatemala...

COVID-19 Guatemala Update

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for keeping Guatemala and all of the children and their families in your prayers. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Guatemala Ministry of Education has suspended classes for 21 days, beginning today. The teachers are meeting to come up with a plan...

International Women’s Day: A Faith Reflection

In anticipation of International Women’s Day, I was reflecting on women in Guatemala who had an impact on me, and the list is long! Recently, I had an eye-opening conversation with a mother at Escuela Integrada.  Last week, I went on a home visit with our school psychologist to visit...