As many of you are aware, Guatemalan Relief Assistance for Children’s Educational Services (GRACES) is the US based not-for-profit organization that provides funding and support for La Escuela Integrada. I was hired to be the full time executive director of GRACES last year, a position I honor and absolutely love--every day is a joy. I get to experience the school, its staff, and the children prospering.

This is a direct result of our commitment to the mission of GRACES, “to provide education, food, medicine, and social opportunities to Guatemalan children and adolescents living in poverty”. The GRACES Board of Directors works tirelessly to honor this mission.

We have made unbelievable strides towards developing supportive partnerships, providing better nutrition, establishing innovative learning environments and opportunities, and, most importantly, showing the children, their families and staff the true meaning of God’s love. We know that each year of education, good nutrition, and support provides exponential hope and positively impacts the lives of children living in severe poverty.

During the 2017 school year, we experienced the amazing results of the positive path that we are walking together. Some of the results include a greater sense of contentment among the teachers and staff and reaching our goal of one hundred percent educational sponsorship of the children. The families continue to obtain important tools for a better quality of life such as homes and stoves through the benefaction of our mission teams and supporters stateside, and the school’s finances are achieving sustainability.

As we look forward, we are able to envision new opportunities such as the possibility of a new school space and the capability of assisting more children. Alongside developing plans to grow our programs and enact sustainability plans, our vision is that the school, children and families are active participants in the provision of hope and God’s love in Guatemala.

I am honored to hold the title of Executive Director for GRACES and present the results of our work and valuable partnerships over the past year.

God’s Blessings,
Paula Bohland
Executive Director
Guatemalan Relief Assistance for Children’s Educational Services